Octave issues

  • Hi,

    I have found that when I am in 5+2 octave mode, when I move my thumb from the top octave key to the middle key of the set of three the Sylphyo jumps an octave when my thumb is sliding between the two octave keys.

    Also when in 5 octave mode, if I slide my thumb slowly from the top octave key down to the middle octave key, the octave doesn't change (unless I remove my thumb completely and then put it on the key again), but if I slide quickly the octave changes. This doesn't occur when switching between any other pair of octaves.

    Is this expected behavior or do I have a hardware problem? It makes it difficult to change upper octaves smoothly and reliably so any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • For the record, increasing the key reaction time to 40ms seems to reduce the issue although it means the key transitions aren't as fast as I would like...perhaps more practice will resolve the issue :)

  • @badblocks Hello! As I wrote in my email to you, I've been testing this on ewi fingering mode for a few hours and have not been able to replicate this issue. Maybe a bit more practice would solve it?
    Otherwise, let me know if the issue persists and we can see some other solutions. Could you tell me what software version you are on and what settings your Sylphyo is set to ? It would be easier if you tried it on the default settings (you can reset the Sylphyo in the menu) so that we can be sure to test in the same conditions.


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