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  • I'm thinking about buying a Sylphyo soon, but there is one important question left for me. How about cleaning the instrument from the inside, where the air flows through. Our breath contains moisture. As I played recorder flute for many years, I know how important it is to clean the flute, avoid keeping moisture in the inside. Also it seems important to me to keep the instrument hygienic. What can you tell me about this issue? Thanks for a reply, mosquito

  • I have a second question concerning the "extension card": If I would purchase a Sylphyo now, will I be able to build in the "extension card" to my Sylphyo on my own, or is it necessary, to send the Sylphyo to you/ to a service center/ bring to my local store (musicstore in Cologne is nearby), so they build it in
    Thanks so much for a reply, because I really want to buy one soon... :-) :-)

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    Cleaning your Sylphyo shouldn't be too different from a recorder. To clean the outside, use a soft and dry cloth (don't use a wet cloth because it could get inside and mess with the electronics). You could also clean the windway by running a piece of soft cloth through it.

    You can buy the Sylphyo now, and when the extension card is available, you will ask for an authorized service center (probably Music Store in your case) to put it into your Sylphyo.

  • @join thank you so much for your fast reply!!
    I'm looking forward to buy a Sylphyo now and have fun. :-) Greetings, mosquito

  • @join can I wash the inside of the mouthpiece? For example with a waterjet. Thank you.

  • Aodyo Instruments

    Yes, as long as it's just the mouthpiece :) !

  • I've found a silk oboe swab works well for removing moisture.

  • Is there a pointer to how to safely remove the top mouthpiece in order to swab out spit from the inside? thank you!

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    You just have to slightly "unscrew" and pull the mouthpiece from the Sylphyo at the same time. The blue ring might stay attached to the body. To put the mouthpiece back again, just push it gently but tightly.

  • Hello, it´s me again :-) with a question about cleaning the Sylphyo. Meanwhile I played my instrument for longer periods and- of course- it developed condensation water.
    I bought a soft recorder cleaning stick an cleaned it carefully from the top. But still there ist the problem, that at the "bottom part" of the Sylphyo, condensation water is running out while playing a while.
    As the hole in the bottom ist quite narrow (about 5 mm), I did not manage to pull a soft cloth through the Sylphyo- and I was afraid, to break some parts inside.
    Could you please tell me, where in the inside of the wind channel are the "sensors" or kind of delicate parts, where I should be careful? As well, after playing the instrument, I´m concerned about the fluid, that is left inside from playing the instrument (the condensation water...), can it harm the electronics, when I put down my Sylphyo? Where exactly are the sensitive electronics located, I should be extra careful with?
    Thank you so much for an answer!

    (By the way, I have so much fun with my Sylphyo...!)

    Greetings from Bonn,

  • Aodyo Instruments

    Thanks for the kind words :).

    You won't touch any sensor or electronics if you gently pull a piece of cloth or a bottle brush through the Sylphyo (from the top). It is designed so that moisture can naturally evacuate to the bell hole, like a clarinet, without damaging the electronics.

  • @join
    Thanks so much for your reply! :-)

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