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    I'm afraid I can't tell you this yet… But send us a mail at and we'll tell you as soon as we know! And don't hesitate if you have any other question as well.

  • As Jonathan said, the active mouthpiece price cannot be announced yet as we are still working on it.
    The current passive mouthpiece is sold lower than 20€.
    Our target price for the active mouthpiece is under 100€ but will dépend on the solution we choose and the cost of mechanical and electronic parts.

  • I am also very interested in this mouthpiece.
    It is even what has just made my decision to buy a Sylphyo (I hope to receive it at the end of this week !).
    Any information concerning the sensors will be appreciated ;-)

  • We can keep you informed about this topic. Just send us an e-mail to so that we can do so.
    Regarding the sensors, I assume you mean the active mouthpiece sensor: we didn't decided which and how many sensor to built in this mouthpiece. Still quite some work but first exploration test are promising.

  • Yes, I currently have an EWI5000, that I will resell now, and I will lack at least the bite feature.

  • Hello,
    How goes the future mouthpiece ?
    Is there any chance to see it before summer ?
    Sorry for theses questions, but I miss it :-(

    Anyway, take of course the time that is necessary to make it a wonderful addon !

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    The mouthpiece won't be available before summer, unfortunately, because we're currently hard at work on two things: the internal synth, and new updates for the internal software of the Sylphyo.

    However, upcoming updates will feature a vibrato control that relies on subtle movements. We're currently beta-testing it and improving it, but it should be a quite good replacement for the vibrato bite sensor of other wind controllers.

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    Our friend the great Pedro Eustache beta-tested our soon to come new movement controlled vibrato and he really like it. Reminds him ney or baroque flute techniques for vibrato.

  • @join
    OK, I will wait of course ;-)

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