What is the status of the development of the "active" (pressure sensitive) mouthpiece?

  • I think you've been working on developing an "active" (pressure sensitive) mouthpiece for at least four years. The last post I read about it was February, 2019. Can you tell us the current status of development?

    There is at least one other company, probably more, developing a pressure sensitive mouthpiece. I learned about one of them, the Imoxplus Photon in a post here on the forum and looked at their website. That product is also still under development, but was in beta 2 testing in April, 2020, so it appears to be a lot farther along in development than the Aodyo active mouthpiece.

  • Hello, we are not currently working on an active mouthpiece. The Photon by Imoxplus is currently in the works by Imoxplus as you said and is quite a good mouthpiece, which works well with the Sylphyo. I've had the chance to test it thoroughly with Sylphyo (you can find a video on youtube).

    If we start to work on an active mouthpiece, we will be sure to keep the community informed! Thanks for your questions.

    Aodyo Instruments

  • Maxence, that's disappointing. When I bought the Sylphyo, I bought it in part because you were working on an active mouthpiece that you said might cost $100. I think at that time you had been working on it for four years. I think the cost of the Imoxplus Photon mouthpiece is going to be be at least three times that.

    On 1/15/2021, Rudy of Imoxplus wrote to me in an email "We will provide a Photon neck adapter for the Sylphyo but right now no further actions have been undertaken for deep integration with the Sylphyo (this will depend on priorities of Aodyo and Imoxplus)."

  • MusicOne, I hadn't seen a post from Aodyo that he was actively working on a "smart" mouthpiece. On the other hand, without being in the secret of the Gods, I have the feeling that the Imoxplus team is actively working on it ... to know if now it will be adaptable on our Sylphyo? Let's be a little patient ...

  • @MusicOne I am not sure where you got this information and I am sorry to disappoint you. I can tell you we are not working on an active mouthpiece at the moment.

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