Sylpho with SampleTank 4

  • I have updated my SampleTank software to v.4. While setting macro in ST4 to use CC11 makes many voices useful with good dynamics (especially samples by Miroslav Philharmonic), some have very sharp attack and are not usable. ST does not provide spacial mode for wind instruments and manual does not give any advice how to adjust it.
    Anyone has tried Sylpho with ST4? I have tried linear, semi and log curves but still attack is very sharp, no smooth control over loudness.

  • @Wlodzislaw I'm downloading a trial version of ST4 right now to see if I can be of some help. Can you give me some more information as to exactly what you are trying to do? Is it just setting up dynamics correctly?

  • @Support_AODYO
    Exactly. Newer voices work well but older have no dynamics, just on with max loudness, and off, near the threshold you can get kind of chirping, intermittent on/off. Still many voices are quite usable.

  • This post is deleted!

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