Sylphyo with Ketron SD1000 samples

  • Combination of Sylpho with Ketron sound modules is quite easy to use and has 4 banks with 128 voices each. You can control it directly from Sylpho or via computer with MIDI-OX, a simple program that can control Ketron and other MIDI synth, quickly select your favorite voices and assigns parameters like chorus or reverb to different MIDI channels. After trying many large DAW programs I gave up - too complicated and not doing what I need. MIDI-OX solves the problem. You need to use instrument definition for SD1000, link is on my page.

    See Sylphyo on Ketron SD 1000 for samples: Mission Latin Flute | Mission Pan Flute | Mission Oboe. I will add more examples but I have plenty of links to Akai EWI on Ketron that will give you an idea how it sounds. I have Yamaha VL70m with Patchmen's chip, but Ketron sounds much better. A pity their manual ans software support is so poor, but with Sylphyo new firmware and MIDI-OX it works perfectly.

  • Hello. Thank you for the many links and music (well played!) you shared. Now I have many examples for the Ketrons. I play a Sylphyo and an Ewi Usb, mostly in Studio One with Samplemodelling Sounds. Now maybee I will buy me the SD2. Greetings from Germany. Friedus

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