I started with 2 Casio horns and I used to love the Flute fingering which has D,E,F, and G above High C just by lifting your first finger and playing the higher note without having to touch the octave key. I read in the manual these fingerings are the same on the Sylphyo. I Love the aerophone 10G for natural sounds and the Solo for the syn sounds and the rollers make the lower octave sounds great. The aerophone was clinky because the side of my hands near the index fingers used to always touch and squeak. I have large piano player hands so people should be aware this can happen if you have smaller hands and that's why they changed it on the next smaller model. I needed the 2 speakers so I used my dremel to cut off the tops of 6 side keys, Top 3 side keys on each side cut off half way and the problems are over and you still have All the keys the EWI Solo does??? Now I can really get around those Classical midi pieces and I don,t plan on selling it. The first three days I got the EWI Solo I felt like sending it back because its so different from the Roland but day after day I began to love it, especially for the lower octaves and the Syn sounds. I'm sure the Sylphyo will take some getting used to but Its gonna be my 3rd and last wind controller?