Flying with Sylphyo

  • Any advice on taking the Sylphyo on commercial airliners? Does anyone have experience taking a Sylphyo through an airport security check?

    I routinely fly with a flock of Native American flutes - wood flutes in a cylindrical case. I always board early (by standing in line) and store them in the overhead. U.S. law requires airlines to accommodate musical instruments if they fit in an overhead compartment (of any cabin class) at the time you board the aircraft.

    So I guess the big issue is the security check. My flute cases are PVC or aluminum and the flutes are wood. Here is the current aluminum case I have now ...


    ... and here are the cases I have available ...


    These XRay well and the security folks do not seem too bothered (although I sometimes have to take them out and play them).

    Should I add my Sylphyo to my carry-on case? The sight of a stick full of wires and electronics on the XRay screen might cause issues ...

  • Hi

    I flew alot with the early Yama windcontroller, which looks like a machine gun. When asked what it is , i did put it to my mouth and showed the fingering.

    With the Sylphyo pack it with a earphone, and you can let them hear



  • Hi Clint,

    I've actually flown to a fair number of places (including the US) with my Sylphyo and have never had any issues with it. I often travel with my Sylphyo, Link, rack-mounted audio interface, as well as a few different synths and all the cabling to connect everything and the security act like they've seen it all before (which they probably have...).
    We would of course advise you to get a case for it if you can (it should fit in a lot of these cases you are showing above). We actually sell a soft case that fits both the Sylphyo and the Link on our website.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    Aodyo Instruments

  • I've also had my share of "what's that thing" and improvised 30-second demos for airport security officers :), but I never had any issue, be it with our without a case. As it contains a battery, you need to take it in cabin.
    I also fly with some of our weirdest electronics prototypes without their enclosure and with wires everywhere, but it hasn't raised any concern so far.

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