Sylphyo, mapping and Mainstage

  • Hello community
    "A chat with Pedro" ( is really inspiring and a good didacticiel about some uses of Sylphyo. The soft Mainstage (Apple universe) allows to visualize feedback of the key bend controls (for exemple cf. 0:54 of youtube). And my question is : for a PC user (Windows universe ...and MAO's beginner...), what alternative to Mainstage about this visual feedback of controls ?
    Hope 2021 will be better and safer than 2020...and more and more nice internal sounds for our Sylphyo.

  • Hi Fanch

    Aodyo has a nice tool , which gives visual feedback.

    It is dpownloadable from the website and is called SylBench.

    If gives visual feedback and show the settings. It makes sound as well, so you can setup the Syl and check all your settings.

    I used it also to train myself. De ptchbend Pedra showed has to be done at the lowest finger..

    I use link Gig P as a better alternative to mainstage...

    Kind regards


  • Many thanks Franck !
    I have just begun to explore Gig Performer and I think it will be my next toy.
    Best Regards

  • I looked into this recently. GigPerformer and Cantabile seem to be the front-runners on Win10 systems.

    I've been using Cantabile (for no particular reason - could not find an authoritative comparison of the two), and so far I have been very happy with it. Did a recording session (a pianist playing a MIDI keyboard rendered using a dozen massive virtual pianos in Kontakt) as well as one live gig on the Sylphyo (one piece only - just a test run) in the first two weeks. Cantabile performed with no glitches!

  • thanks Clint, i will have to prospect Cantabile too.

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