LED Setting

  • Could you describe the LED setting?

    It is on my Sylphyo v1.4.7, at the top level between Receiver device and Diagnostic.

  • Same : My horn shows led colours, red blue green : It would not be a bad idea if the manual has a tabel describing the meaning. More than i assume



  • @frank This is quite simple actually: red LED means the Link is disconnected. Green means the Link and Sylphyo are connected. Blue is when breath information is being sent. There is also orange which should apply only to the Link's LED which shows when the Link is in pairing mode (waiting for a Sylphyo).

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    Aodyo Instruments

  • I am a bit confused. Do (some or all) Sylphyo devices have a LED someplace? I cannot find it on mine.

    The LED on Link receiver does work as you describe ... Does the setting on the Sylphyo somehow control the LED on the Link??

  • @Clint Only the Snow edition Sylphyos have a LED! The settings on the Sylphyo do not control the LED on the Link

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