Delivery time to U.S. and customs charges?

  • Has anyone in the U.S. bought a Sylphyo? If yes, how long did it take for you to receive it after you ordered it? How much were taxes and customs charges?

  • I bought mine from Gear4music in the UK in December of 2019. It shipped via DHL Express the day after I ordered and it arrived at my place in Seattle 3 calendar days later. There were no other charges/fees, only what Gear4music charged to my credit card. DHL's online tracking displayed shipment status the whole way. Basically, it was indistinguishable from ordering from a US vendor.

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    Thanks, I see you posted this 15 days ago. I'm just now reading it. I live in Vienna, Virginia, U.S.
    I ordered a Sylphyo online from Aodyo on July 15, 2020.

    It was stuck in France with their shipper until a few days ago due to a shortage of flights out of France due to COVID-19. Once it left France the package quickly made it to my door.

    Today is August 3, 2020. It was left outside on my front steps a few hours ago by the U.S. Postal Service, no signature required and no customs charges. Other than the delay, as you wrote, it was indistinguishable from ordered from a U.S. vendor.

  • I ordered my Sylphyo+Link directly from Aodyo on Monday, December 7, 2020 and it was delivered to our address in Florida (USA) on Tuesday, December 29 – 22 days after ordering. My experience with overseas shipments that partner with the US Postal Service is that this is a typical timeframe.

    Details: The shipment arrived at La Poste (France) on Fri Dec 11.

    The shipment left France on Mon Dec 14. The La Poste web site noted the Shipment number with their partner service, USPS (U.S. Postal Service).

    However, the USPS tracking site never provided tracking for the number listed by La Poste. The site indicated “Status Not Available”, even after the package was delivered.

    When the shipper partners with the US Postal Service (USPS as opposed to DHL (as @troy used), FedEx, etc), my experience with overseas shipment to the U.S. is that postal tracking end when the item leaves the country of origin. Paying extra for “international tracking” does not seem to make a difference (i.e. it is worthless). There’s no way to track the shipment until it arrives at my doorstep – typically in 2 to 4 weeks from the date of shipment.

  • @Clint This seems to change somewhat randomly depending on the person. I believe for tracking outside the country of origin the shipping company should provide you with a second tracking number. They don't always seem to do this however. I imagine also the current holiday time frame does not really help with shipping!

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  • Yes, La Poste did provide a tracking number with USPS. However, that number was not useful, since the USPS tracking site provided no information on the package (always reporting "status not available").

    The holiday season certainly affected delivery, so I am thinking that 22 days total delivery time was "not bad" in this situation.

    However, optionally offering other shipping options (DHL?) might be useful for those who want a Sylphyo quickly (and who doesn't?)

    Another downside of USPS is the wear and tear on the package. My Sylphyo box looked like this on arrival:


    and I was horrified that there might be damage. Thankfully, the internal box and instrument were completely un-damaged.

  • I ordered from, which is now the US distributor. 100% excellent experience and no customs to clear for the customer because it's already in the US.

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