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Since we cannot do custom fingerings yet, I would like to please request an alternate clarinet fingering which I think is more natural to the original instrument. Some of the individual notes can be used as alternate fingerings for notes in the current fingering as well.

C: [Left] Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring. [Right] Index, Middle, Ring, Pinky
C#: [Left] Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Pinky. [Right] Index, Middle, Ring, Pinky
(This more closely resembles the C and C# that I think most clarinetists use, and also makes fingering D and Eb easier)
D: Current
Eb: Current
E: Current
F: Current
F#: Current AND [Left] Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring. [Right] Index, Ring
(Allows for the alternate F# fingering available on clarinets).
G: Current
G#: Current
Bb: Current AND [Left] Thumb, Index, Middle. [Right] Index
(Adds an alternate, but very natural Bb fingering on the clarinet).
B: Current
C`: Current
C`#: Current AND [Left] Thumb. [Right] Index.
(Adds an alternate C# fingering also available on the clarinet)
D`: An option to remove the alternate fingering with no fingers- I don't see the point, and I think it causes issues with playing C` occasionally.
Eb`: Current AND [Left] Thumb, Middle, Ring. [Right] Pinky
(Resembles an alternate fingering for Eb in the upper register on the clarinet).
E`: Current
F`: Current
F#`: Current
G`: Current

What do other clarinetists think?

Dear Veezbo

I am an amateur musician, my instruments, are clarinet and saxophones. I have decided to digitize my musical exercises for reasons of time. SYLFYO instruments is easy to learn fingering?. Could you send me the fingering you currently use to play the Bb clarinet with SYLPHYO? I’II leave you my email. I would be really grateful to you. In your opinion which is the best aerophone instrument to digitize the clarinet sound? Thanks. Best regards.
My email: ar.bersani@alice.it

Armando Bersani