We made some early tests with both Touché and Touché SE.

Touché requires too much power to be connected on the USB MIDI Host of the Anyma Phi. But as the Touché also has a MIDI out, you can connect it to the MIDI DIN in of the Anyma provided you insert the right adapter cables.
Touché SE works on the the USB MIDI Host though as it requires less power.

You can setup CC message on both the Touché and Touché SE (using Lié software) and the Anyma Phi, just set this up to your needs and start experimenting.

By the way, one can indeed control everything in the synth by using NRPN CC Message but the easiest and most efficient way to keep a consistant behavior between various patch would be to use the main "realtime control messages" handled by the Anyma Phi (these can be modified by the user).
Here is the list with default settings for the Anyma Phi:

Up to 2 CC message can be mixed to control Expression Control A/B/C/D which means you can have an easy 5 parameters setup.
Keep in mind most of the time in the factory patches Expression is used and Control A (which is assigned to Morph), you would have to add some mappings to the patches to map Control B, C and D to any parameter that you would find interesting to control.