@markusschloesser said in Anyma Phi editor software:

I want to upload @Broken-Gadget 's patches, how do I bulk import them into the editor? Drag and Drop would be great as well!

I made a start on them, then got distracted. I'll get back to it... However, I figure if it's not a problem to have the PC/Mac editor connected at the same time as the instrument or keyboard you want to try them with, it doesn't matter much because you can import one, try it briefly, then import another, and so on.

Again, could you please show the current version with a version number?

I've been thinking it should show the version number on the update download page. Otherwise, the only way to tell for certain if it's a new one is to download it and open the zip.

I've been wondering how we'll know when there's a new release, unless we haunt this forum regularly. I don't see any way to ask for a notification, or to get notified of new threads, for example in the "anyma phi general" sub forum.

4 I seem to have lost my great patch, although it was definitely shown as saved. What happened here? (Windows)

After finding the problem with renaming, and finding the workaround for that, I've been doing the same with each patch edit, to make sure I don't lose it. I don't know if that's needed, but it seems like the best bet:

Use File->Export, so you have a backup in a single patch file Use File->Import, to import the same patch back again - because that's currently the only way I can be sure it's saved permanently on the synth.

The philosophy seems to be that changes are only saved from the front panel of the synth (with Shift+Right arrow), which personally, I don't think fits well with using a PC/Mac based editor. I'm not sure if there are other exceptions to that, but File->Import always works.