@KDJ3992 Thanks for letting me know. Yes, it's a shame you had to pay to return it for repairs. It would be an even bigger problem if it had been out of warranty, which I think mine is now, especially without adequate discussion with Aodyo.

I'm under the impression it's done with STM32 MCUs, in which case it is update-able by a user with the right simple tools (usually just an ST-Link programmer or an STM32 Discovery board), without relying on the standard method, but also not without adequate discussion with Aodyo.

I finally gave in and updated mine to v1.2.0 a few days ago, successfully, on a PC with Windows 7. I haven't tried the new editor yet, but I mostly prefer to just use menu diving. I haven't explored setting up a MIDI controller for the new CC/NRPN mapping capabilities either, but that seems like it could be very useful.

I see this forum is now "protected" by reCaptcha. I know it had a spam problem, but I was under the impression most of those were from sweat shop workers, who spend all day solving Captchas, so aren't deterred by them at all. I am though. They annoy me so much, i can't focus for long enough to solve them. FWIW, pressing the headphones icon, for the audio version, is a lot simpler.