@jcfitn said in How about a Sylphyo update now?:

I like to use Roll to chage the fine tune, but if is not in a smaller range is less interesting. And in absolute with 360º of range is not sensitive enough.

Yes. Similar problem here:

I like to map Roll CC to Pitchbend (unfortunately not directly available in the Sylphyo yet). In normal mode there is a hysteresis in the neutral position, a kind of "platform", where values do not change. This is basically good, but you cannot pitch smoothly across the neutral position. Absolute mode would be the method of choice, but here your Roll range is 90° left/right, which is hardly playable.

One could say "scale the absolute Roll CC to the range you want", but not everyone in every setup can process 14Bit pitchbend coming from the Sylphyo. If you are bound to 7Bit pitchbend, you would upscale less than a quarter of the 0-127 full range and this leads to audible steps.

I think high-resolution sensor output should be scaled in the instrument, while full sensor data are available, not after MIDI translation.