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@Peter-Ostry When you say "the musically relevant features should be refined precisely for this purpose", anything specific comes to mind?

Since I do not know the Loom, I can only say what comes to my mind when I see this wooden ribbon:

Relative and absolute pitch bend mode (Roli Seaboard strips and Y-axis are only relative).

Behavior at direction-changes (sometimes I hear annoying soundglitches in ContinuuMini demonstrations).

Configuration of the Y-axis for Aftertouch, Pitch bend and CC (I can imagine that this is already implemented).

Gliding speed dynamics for bowed instruments (missed in the Touché).

Can’t say much more, would need to play the Loom.

In general, I meant that the inventive and programming capacity should largely go into sophisticated musical playability. The gimmicks with fader groups, strumming etc. seem out of place to me, any mobile phone can do that better.