Un moyen de fixer le sylphyo autour du coup ? A way to hang the sylphyo like a saxophone ?

  • J'ouvre ce post, car au demeurant, le sylphyo n'est pas pourvu d'un système permettant d'utiliser une sangle. Existe-t-il un système permettant l'accroche du Sylphyo ?

    I open this thread to know if something does exist that permit to hang on the sylphyo like a soprano sax for instance. Does anyone have the need of this or find a solution to get it possible ? Would anyone find this usefull (like me :))

  • I agree with your point and would find it very useful indeed. As I play different instruments, a possibility of really quickly changing the instrument , but having the Sylphyo "nearby" would be welcome.

  • You could do it putting a string under the thumb support. You would have to unscrew it a little (I think it is not dangerous because this screw probably does not open the Sylphyo. I think It is only for the thumb support). Then you put the string under the
    thumb support, and you screw it again. Then you fix the sax belt to the string. It should work.

  • This would be possible to add something by just slightly unscrew the thumb rest, then use a loop attachment like what is used for strap attachment on wiimote or similar devices:
    You do not need to completely unscrew the thumb rest which would avoid any trouble when trying to put back the thumb rest screw.
    By the way, if the concern is to avoid the fall of the Sylphyo, such a wiimote strap would do the trick.

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