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  • Hi Aodyo,

    with the (very appreciated) 1.4.7 update, key bending becomes more useful, but at the same time, it requires to be more accurate in one's play. However, it is complicated to turn on and off.

    Which made me wonder: can we control externally (e.g. via control changes from a MIDI pedal or MIDI controller, in the same way we can affect program changes today) such settings, like (de)activating key bending, or the amount of reverb, or the control of the slider, etc ? If not, is there a chance this could be coming in a later update, or is there a hardware/protocol limitation for this ?

    As a related question: is there a way to control the drone sound of the Braveheart patch from external MIDI, or is the slider the only way ?

    Thanks for the continued updates to the Sylphyo!

  • First of all, thanks for your support.

    External control of Sylphyo settings is a very nice idea, and there would be no hardware limitation preventing this, however we would have to take some time to develop this feature as it would rely on the Link sending back real-time information to the Sylphyo (to transmit the data from the MIDI pedal/controller), and this specific use case would require many changes and testing, so we really cannot offer an ETA for this.
    More generally, having the Link being able to influence the Sylphyo is something we have on our roadmap, so we're interested in supporting your use case eventually, it's just that we cannot tell when it's going to be ready.

    As for controlling the drone of Braveheart, assuming you just rely on the Link's audio output and not that of the Sylphyo, you can connect any MIDI controller that sends MIDI CC 1 (or whatever is configured in your Sylphyo for the slider) and use the controller instead of the slider, and it should work on the Link.

  • Thank you for the rapid answer!

    It's nice to know it is on the roadmap. I understand that it's difficult to predict when it can be implemented and tested, so I'll be waiting patiently, I can understand also that it's not your main priority.

    For the drone, I should have thought of that. I am going to try (so, if I understand correctly, I play a note over MIDI, then send the CC1, and that note will be selected? ‑ anyway, I'll try and find out how to make it work). Thanks for the tip! I'll report my findings for the forum (probably will be only in a few days).

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