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  • Hi,

    Just ordered my Sylphyo - I was wondering what people are using for protection when traveling. The official Sylphyo case seems good for gigs but I'd like to find something more compact that I can put in hand luggage.


  • Comme on n'est jamais si bien servi que par soi-même, j'ai fabriqué ma petite valise de trans port pour mon Sylphyo.
    Elle peut contenir l'instrument, le Link, des câbles et les prises pour les chargeurs, une petite enceinte Bluetooth (petite mais excellente pour jouer en petit groupe).
    En contre plaqué léger.

    As one is never better served than by oneself, I made my little carrying case for my Sylphyo.
    It can contain the instrument, the Link, cables and plugs for the chargers, a small Bluetooth speaker (small but excellent for playing in a small group).
    Lightweight plywood.


  • I just wrap mine with some bubble wrap (seriously!) and then tape the bubble wrap edges so that the wrap doesn't move around. I'm usually not transporting a lot of stuff, so there's no physical pressure or weight on the Sylphyo. I just need a little protection in case it happens to bump something.

  • @badblocks

    I see you need a fsck badblocks :

    I opted to the cheap and sturdy method: Just the Sylphyo goes into a piece of PVC tube, with two caps. A belt sold for holding suitcases close is the carrying strap. Over the shoulder. Two discs whit a hole to keep the instrument centered. The link and strap go on top. On the pic the carrying tube for the EWI5000, made abolete by the sylphio.

    The tube
    Tube + case

    When i carry a module : My joy is the ASM Hydrasynth Desktop. Its 19" and i use a small flightcase for light mixers. It is 8 ubits high, the Sylphyo stacks nicely with a VL70m, under the Hydra. A Motu 8A is my remote mixer/ digital interface. I love quick response and setup. Never more than 3 cables to connect or disconnect : Power + left right, or power and ethernet AVB. Stereo or all cha![alt text](image url)nnels individual.
    The case Messy now : reconfiguration



    Sorry not in French, one can answer me in French Dutch Kiswahili German

    fsck is the unix command to clear badblocks on a disk

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  • Thanks! All good ideas.

    Frank, what diameter tube did you use? I can't find the precise dimensions of the Sylphyo anywhere.

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  • @badblocks

    Hi Badblocks

    Are you a Unix fan ? because of the name.

    I did it the primitive way, took the Sylphio to the shop and tried where i fits in. If you just want to fit theInstrument 750 mm will do. If you want to add the Link box 800 mm. For the end stopper i used a pair of old socks ( after washing) and the linkbox i put in a sock as well. In PVC you have the screw on lids: and a thread you glue in. I made a cut out on the thread adapter so the carrying strap fits in.

    If you make the tube a bit longer you can fit wiring and power adapters as well.

    Good luck



  •'re the first person to ask, actually, and I've been using this handle for a while. *NIX is certainly a tool in my toolbox, though I'm far from an expert...also, hard drive block failures transcend operating systems :)

  • Hi Badblock

    I have used similar placeholders : like email adres : write frank =writef , domain name stdio> My nephew copied the habit as well.

    If you ant to get rid of badblocks management: switch to ZFS , it is a dream come true. Too bad the team was bought by Oracle, but they all ran away and ZFS is and stays open source.

    What is your usage of the Sylphio? I am originally a sax player (Tenor Soprano, two completely different beasts. Needs separate training to play both well. I played load because that was necessary at the times, which meant playing at home was nearly impossible. I had spare time: so i bought a synth (Yamaha SY99) and because you cannot have expression with a keyboard added a windcontroller. Found a had a huge new range of sounds. So WXX and kurzweil were a team for many years.

    Exchanged the Kurzwejl for laptop with virtual instruments. Setup times and the continious fight for low latency made me switch to this new wonder :The Hydrasynth. A true very versatile wonder in a compact case.

    I changed the fingering on the Syl to non sax : left pinky half tone up, right pinky half tone down. Works very well on legato play, but needs exercise, sometimes my mind changes back to original sax, more scales i than think.

    Good luck with you tube case, and happy blowing !


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