Tip: Confirm your output volume is 80% (particularly for Alto Sax Phi sound)

  • Hi friends,

    I wanted to pass along a tip for other users. I installed 1.4.5 and started playing the Alto Sax Phi sound, and initially I felt like the dynamic control was lacking. Basically, either I got full volume or almost no sound.

    Before I posted here to ask for advice, I considered other causes -- and one that came to mind was my Sylphyo's output volume. I looked for the default volume and apparently it's 80% (here). I found that my volume was set to 60%. It's entirely possible that I changed the volume and then forgot about it, though I'm not sure why I would have done that.

    When I changed the volume from 60% back to the 80% default, I had much better dynamic control of the Alto Sax Phi sound. This might be true of other sounds as well - I haven't tried them yet. I usually play external synths and the alto sax sound is the first one where I sort of had a point of comparison (namely, an alto sax) against which to evaluate.

    I changed between 60% and 80% a few times to test and I don't think I'm imagining the difference in dynamic control, though obviously I have no way to say for sure. I yield to the Aodyo team if they say I'm crazy :-)

    Hope this helps someone else!

    PS: Congrats to the Aodyo team on this progress :-)


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