Update 1.4.5 and MIDI control to Link

  • Great to see the latest offering with a new sound and the progress to allow external feeds from other MIDI devices to alter LINK sounds. As a live player, I'm wondering if there are any plans to allow MIDI control of the channels assigned to other controllers from a MIDI input - for example I might want to assign the current elevation control channel (CC75) to something else (eg CC91 if I wanted to control reverb levels on a VLM70M patch - but I might not want to use it on all sounds selected so I'm looking for a way of sending a message to LINK to alter the CC allocation). I currently use a Soleman MIDI foot controller to change sounds via a MIDI instruction - so the fact that I can now do this hands free and change the Sylphyo sounds is a real bonus as I can now do that at the touch of a foot! To come back to my point though, will you be exploring what MIDI message can be sent to the link to set the CC channels for other movement/slider controllers? Happy to have a further chat by phone if required Mattias. Hoping you all stay safe with Covid 19.

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