Firmware 1.4

  • I do not have link receiver, just the old receiver. I am afraid that many people may confuse the reciever with link receiver and there is no way to update it.
    After updating Sylphyo to 1.4 left pinki key stopped working. I have tried different fingering, switching on/off and restarting everything, updated for thesecond time, in some fingering right pink works but left does not.
    I went back to 1.3.3 and it works fine. So firmaware 1.4 has a problem.

  • I have the same problem! The left pinky stopped working.
    Has this problem been fixes or not ?

  • Everything works fine for me. No problem with the pinky. of the left hand. I use the new link. Greetings Friedus

  • Hello Wlodzislaw,
    I just have been contacted by Matthias from the Aodyo team because I sent him an email to tell him my problem.

    He proposed me to update with the précédent version (1.3.3) and it works. For the moment, I can play well, but the two last sounds are missing on the Sylphyo, and to play them on the link with version 1.4 does not work well.

    We are not numerous to have that problem, but the Aodyo team works actively to find a solution for this problem.

    So I will take my Sylphyo (and my tablet with note sheets and playbacks) with me on hollidays. It is easier to carry than the Ewi 5000. Yesss !

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