New here. For some days now

  • Hi
    I am Frank, from the Netherlands, Delft to be exact. Feel free to get in touch if you feel like passing by.
    Since we are a small country, we have to understand our neighbors languages. Which roughly means we think we speak a lot of many.
    My French is good in reading, but speaking and writing soso. Reason I never had a French only speaking girlfriend, after all this is why we all learn a language. So now you know why people consider me a linguist. Yes they were all lovely

    I had a false start with Sylpyo, no two or three.
    The first is that i became aware of her just two weeks ago: Rudy, who makes the great editor for the VL70-m, has launched a new physical modelling program Respiro

    Rudy states that it is Sylphyo compatible : and my nature is to correct other peoples mistakes, not my own, I looked for Sylvia , no not google, DuckDuckgo . Found a silly toy, for kids, and a Remi who was ready to show scale on it for a recorder.
    After that i switched to some tutorials, there they persisted to make me aware of one of the big flaws of Silvia , ehh Sylphyo : 8 hours of charging. Again and again.

    I decided that if it has a battery, a tutorial, maybe it also has a manual !

    And i found it : and the wow moments changed my initial irritations in a smile! Controllers so many! Bigger and bigger smiles . and i found a forum. With knowledgeable and helpful people ( Like join) . They love input :and have a roadmap. and they tell sorry this not yet !

    and i heard people play sounds they have not mastered yet ! And Pedro who makes lovely crazy constructions like me.

    So I bought one ! I am a proud owner !! Have not touched or played one yet. No I do not complain shipping does now work on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Sure i have questions, do not worry :and i hope to contribute here ! after all sharing is

    Kind regards


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