Can't wait for new sounds! But take your time.

  • The seven internal sounds are really fun to play. They sound great and the various performance options are impressive. Great fun! Playing the instrument thru my Strymon Timeline and Big Sky can produce some really interesting possibilities.

    I'm very pleased Aodyo chose the Physical Modeling approach to the internal sound synth. I've been a fan for years, especially of the great synths provided by AAS (Applied Acoustic Systems). Chromaphone was a game changer to the music I create. Obviously, Physical Modeling has a long history as a favorite among wind synth players, e.g.: Yamaha VL70-m.

    One thing I will mention and I'm sure it's already been considered is that the editor app needs to be capable and the interface easy to use. AKAI's editor for the EWI4000s was/is horrendous and I'm sure they knew it, but never bothered updating. Roland's Aerophone app is more inline with what's needed going forward. Straight forward in its approach to editing its synth parameters, with a user interface to support it.

    Great work on the Sylphyo!

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