Mouthpiece with Midi control functions

  • Hello dear Aodyo Team,
    now that you have released your link device I hope that the developement of a new mouthpiece with midi Options gets more scope again. Please tell me if you plan to develope such a mouthpiece as you pronounced a year ago. I think it would be great to controll for excample the pitch with the moutpiece like this is done in other wind Controllers like Aerophone from Roland.

  • @maucher

    There are already a number of ways to control pitch bend on the Sylphyo. The slider under the right thumb can be set up to control both bend up and bend down. The rotation of the Sylphyo can also control pitch bend.

    I personally am not a fan of trying to make instruments perform like other instruments. There are uniquenesses that should be explored and exploited. I hope the Aodyo developers continue to expand upon the uniqueness.

  • Now that the new Sylphyo is out, we should have a bit more time to research for that mouthpiece! We don't expect it to be a "substitute for a reed" like in other products, but it should be configurable enough to be used as a way to perform vibratos and bends with the mouth.

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