Ketron SD 2 and DAW

  • Hello, so I heard a lot of good things of the ketron sd 2 I finally bought it, so I didnt need a Computer to run it with my Vst (but I need a Computer, laptop or so because of the USB Power for the Pansa beam,) but ok. Im satisfied with the Ketron, lots of good Sounds. It sounds better with my hifi equipment than with the studio monitors. So when I use it with my Daw (Studio one.) I can also here the sound and make some recordings but I can not hear the recording only with the ketron. I have to use a vst instrument. So here is the way I use it. I go from the midi out of the panda beam, in the midi in of the ketron. From the midi thru of the ketron in the midi in of my audiobox usb. In Studio one I set a new Instrument (I also tried a new Keyboard) that receives from midi in (or from the panda beam) and send to the microsoft wavetable (or other outputs) But nothing works. When I load a midi song I can change the general midi sounds in the output to the sd 2 but i can not hear anything. Maybee someone can help. Greetings from Friedus

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