How to reset to the original settings.

  • Hello I connected my new Sylpho and it works with Kontakt as standalone (with Samplemodellin Sax perfect, with Trumpet not so good it was rather stocking and not really loud) Than I tried it with Studion one and Kontakt as a plug in . Now there messages receiving (but not the volume) and I tried some settings in the Sylpho. Now it doesn´t work with nothing. How can I go back to the origin Settings? Greetings Friedus

  • Ok I reply myself. I changed the Settings to CC11 and in Kontakt standalone it works, but no sound at all in Studio one.?

  • We're not familiar with Studio One, but it looks like you have to add the Sylphyo as a Keyboard in the External Devices section of the Studio One settings. Please look at this answer from Presonus for more details.

  • Yes thats right. Sorry I didn not write it here. I changed it to keyboard and everything is fine. Thx Friedus

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