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  • RE: Maxforlive device?

    At some point we would like to allow bidirectional edition of any patch parameter via NRPNs, maybe with a few accompanying SysEx messages for passing requests like getting parameter names, etc. No ETA, but that's something that we want to do, and when it's available someone will be able to make something like the M4L device you want.

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  • RE: Anyma Phi - Might I have a BB (Bad Board)?

    Hello Milo,

    Sorry for the delay of this reply but since this is more of a technical question, it is best to write to us at this address:

    I just sent you an e-mail.

    Best regards.


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  • RE: Anyma Phi v0.8.90 pre-release update

    Etant données l'ampleur de la tâche et la petitesse de notre équipe, nous n'avons pas prévu de faire une version française du manuel pour le moment. Mais ça ne doit empêcher personne de proposer des traductions…

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  • RE: How to map controllers to specific MIDI CC?

    This is described in the "Settings" chapter (p.48). You just need to go to the Settings (press the display encoder), and to "CC mapping". There you can modify the CCs for Expression and controls A/B/C/D.

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  • RE: Anyma Phi v0.8.90 pre-release update

    The update is now available on the official Anyma Phi page.

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  • RE: preview from editor

    This is something we could decide to do at some point, but we haven't planned it yet, because there are third party tools that do this well. If there is enough demand, we might consider it.

    With macOS, there is MidiKeys, and for other platforms you can use something like VMPK. Just tell the program to output on the Anyma Phi port (to send the MIDI to your Anyma Phi, not the editor) and you should be good.

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  • RE: Anyma Manual

    Thanks for the feedback, Christian, this is really appreciated.

    We'll add some more details on all that in the upcoming version of the manual, but I can already answer the Artin part (as it will likely not make it to the manual, as you'll understand shortly).

    The oscillators prefixed with "Artin" are based on the well-known family of macro-oscillators found in Mutable Instruments' Braids module, originally made by Emilie Gillet.
    As per Emilie's guidelines on derivative works, we couldn't refer to Mutable Instruments or to the module names (Braids, etc.) in our distributed material, so we've prefixed all Braids-based oscillator algorithms with Artin, the name of a mathematician who discovered braid theory, so that people familiar with Braids can still have a way to look for familiar modules.

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  • RE: Anyma Phi : Midi trough?

    At the moment, forwarding the MIDI messages received from the DIN MIDI input to the DIN MIDI output is not possible.

    However, on the USB-MIDI device connection (that's normally used to connect to your computer), sending MIDI data to the second output port "DIN" will result in this data being sent through the DIN MIDI output.

    We're planning more flexible MIDI routing in a future update. Don't hesitate to share details about your needs, uses, or requests here.

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  • RE: Renaming Editor Patches ??

    Thanks for the info @Nelson_Baboon. With your info my hypothesis is that the specific issue relates to the fact that the input system of macOS issues a "right click" when doing a right click on a mouse, trackball, or a two-finger tap on the trackpad (when the trackpad is setup for doing so), but a ctrl + "left click", which should be functionally equivalent (since it was the only way to do it in the 80's when Mac mice only had a single button), are translated as "Ctrl + left click" and not "right click". The Cocoa toolkit (and some others) handles that difference just fine and shows a context menu either way, but a few GUI toolkits (especially when they're cross-platform and the macOS version is more of an afterthought) don't. Ours, in fact, offers you both choices, but I didn't know it until the issue was reported by you guys :).

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  • RE: Edit morph layer in the editor?

    You can morph between matrixes in the editor too! In the "GENERAL" section of the editor (first column), the two last modules are "MTX" and "MTXalt", respectively the normal and "alternative" version of the matrix you morph to when controlling the Morph control (which is located in the "MTX" module but not in "MTXalt").

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