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  • Anyma Phi v1.2.0 update

    Aodyo Instruments keep developing its physical modeling synthesizer, Anyma Phi, with a firmware update bringing new modules to its collection:

    • 2 new physical models: Brass and Free Reed
    • 4 additional virtual analog oscillators: CSAW (inspired by the CS80), MORPH (inspired by the Kobol), SAWSQR and SAWCOMB
    • 3 additionnal digital oscillators: FM, SawFM (frequency modulation) and ZPDF (phase distorsion, inspired by the CZ series)
    • 2 new physical-modeling-oriented effects: Comb filter and Filter bank

    Youtube Video

    Anyma Phi features now 53 oscillators types, 35 effects types and 46 modulators types!
    New presets are added to extend the factory bank in order to illustrate the possibilities of these modules.


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  • RE: Sylphyo 1.5.0

    @Wlodzislaw This update is compatible with all Sylphyos.

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  • RE: Why do I seem to have multiple copies of Sylphyo sounds

    This is just an undocumented behavior we apply to the soundset list.
    Each time you reach the top of the list you get back to the first one.

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  • RE: Ajout de preset pour le Sylphyo via Anima phi

    Tout dépend de ce qu'on entend par "via Anyma Phi".
    A ce stade, les sons de l'Anyma Phi ne sont pas "directement" transférable dans le Sylphyo.
    En revanche, il reste tout à fait possible de piloter les sons de l'Anyma Phi avec un Sylphyo en MIDI.

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  • RE: Limitations of the USB Host port on the Anyma Phi

    Hello Teknico

    Interesting feedback. Thank you.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the Anyma Phi being monophonic connecting MPE controllers to play it is not necessary the first use case.

    The USB MIDI Host is meant to allow the connexion of MIDI Class compliant device but it seems that this "standard" is still subject to various interpretation among MIDI controller manufacturer.

    What we tested on our side among MPE device though are 2 of the one you listed:

    • ROLI Seaboard Rise and Seaboard Block are working with the Anyma Phi
    • Haken Continuumini was also tested but with the result you described with this "not enough power" message on the Continuumini although the power provided should be enough. We made a few attempts to check this was a USB software protocol trick (by rising the available power message) but with no success so far.
    • We do not have any Linnstrument in our workshop yet so we couldn't make any test on this one. We weren't aware of the various speed available on this one. (This could make it a valuable test unit for our tests with the Omega).
    • USB Hub is not really something we expect to work as the device is intended to manage one controller device.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the main target of this USB MIDI Host port is to allow the use of the Anyma Phi with a controller which does not feature any DIN connector, so the expected MIDI speed is currently the standard MIDI speed.

    The Anyma Omega will be done using a new generation board so there will be much more ressources available to manage a higher speed MIDI (and the merge and routing of MIDI coming from the various MIDI port: USB device, USB Host, DIN MIDI In ... and the "internal" command coming from the keyboard and ribbons, the CV/Gate signal etc.).
    This is part of the necessary spec for the MPE compatibility of the Omega.
    Once this would be done, we could then check what could be transferred back from the Omega to the Phi.

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  • RE: Stuck at loading bank, AND the editor doesnt work

    Hello Marcus,

    Thank you for your message.
    I have questions to ask you, in order to find a solution.
    What is the serial number of your Phi?
    Is the version of the editor you are opening the version that came with the last update?

    Each update comes with its own version of the editor. Everything is contained in the folder you downloaded for that update.
    If you try to use an older version of the editor, this may explain why it doesn't work.
    To follow up this conversation, I would invite you to email us at
    We will be able to answer you more quickly.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards.


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  • RE: Under the Blue Ring

    @Peter-Ostry it is indeed the place for the dynamic mouthpiece connection and should be sealed..

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  • RE: DNS Hijacking

    It really looks like a hack.
    I get through the recovery process and temporary put the site offline to let us find and clean the infected files on the website.

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  • RE: Anyma Phi v1.1.0 update 🎉

    @AndyHornBlower We cannot "solve" this known problem on our own as it looks like a Ventura bug also reported to have impact on many other devices.
    Hopefully, Apple will fix this.
    Meanwhile, I do not think anyone has been left with a none working device. As far as I know @Lyricon succeeded to recover using the trick you provided.

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  • RE: Anyma Phi v1.1.0 update 🎉

    Yes Simon, I found the bug and fixed it.
    I still have to make a few more test before updating the files but as you guessed we are quite busy with the Omega today.

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