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  • RE: Discovering Anyma... 1st impressions

    @support_aodyo Thanks for the tips on Rezozen... I'm really looking forward to hearing more factory patches, althought I've of course started to build mine.

    Not bothered anymore by this "order" of parameters I was mentionning...

    I understand using A, B, C, D controls to MIDI control some matrix parameters but this is not as flexible as recording each matrix knob as a CC event...

    Question : is there a way to control OSC1, 2 or 3 types with a modulator (like an LFO for example) ?

    Suggestion : it could be quite usefull in the workflow to have a quick way to copy Matrix parameters to Alt Matrix, at least in the editor...

    Once more, congrats for such a powerful machine at a super reasonable price !

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  • RE: Impressed

    @eponto Thank you for your feedback on the Anyma Phi. Let us know on here if you have any questions or additional feedback, we love hearing from our community!

    Also very happy you like the piezo. What you can try if you want is set up a patch with the piezo as one input and use a regular oscillator as another input from a keyboard, so you can play both a melody on the keyboard (or run a sequence/arp) and at the same time play percussively with the piezo! There are tons of possibilities for experimentation.

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