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  • RE: Base key

    The easiest (and IMHO best) way would be to configure your sound module to transpose directly there. The problem of doing it on the Sylphyo is that it's easy to forget you had this when you switch to another sound module, and it's a pain to change everything.

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  • RE: Program Change shortcut

    You both make a point: sometimes quick settings just aren't quick enough!

    We've researched several shortcut ideas but haven't yet found something that would be totally unambiguous (e.g. some people do double- or triple-tap (or more) the slider in their performance). In the meantime, the quick solution is to use a controller like a MIDI pedalboard.

    We've been quite impressed with the shortcut language of the Eigenharp, and while we don't need something as complex and powerful, it would be nice to imagine something where in a certain mode, a certain fingering (or sequence of fingerings) could allow you to perform settings actions.
    The EWI also incorporates a similar idea (one fingering = one preset).
    We have to decide between a lot of design dimensions and options, and it would help us to know more about the specifics of your needs and situation (e.g., the time you have to change the presets, is it improv or not, whether your predet list is pre-organized or not, whether simple navigation is needed vs. exploration...).

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  • RE: Problème d'activation du mode mouvement

    Bonjour Thyanouï, super pour la conférence, nous sommes preneurs de toute vidéo ou photo de l'événement !
    @doul a fait une petite vidéo il y a quelques temps pour expliquer comment utiliser le mode mouvement : Si ça ne fonctionne toujours pas, envoie-nous un petit mail sur et nous verrons comment réparer ça.

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  • RE: Questions sur le module sonore interne

    Avec le nouveau boîtier récepteur qui accompagne cette mise à jour, il sera possible d'avoir les deux : audio et MIDI sans fil. Le nouveau système de transmission sans fil sera également plus robuste et performant (mais ce n'est pas du Bluetooth, qui n'offre pas les garanties de performance nécessaires).

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  • RE: Probleme de doigte de la flute

    J'imagine que vous parlez du doigté Flûte traversière. Je crois que nous avons simplement oublié de mettre à jour la notice.

    À la flûte traversière ce doigté correspond bien à un Do# à la seconde octave. Vous pouvez simplement faire un Do3 à l'octave supérieure, ou alors, sans changer de touche d'octave, vous pouvez faire un Do4 de deux façons :

    • en relâchant toutes les touches sauf l'index gauche (et éventuellement le petit doigt droit),
    • ou en relâchant tout sauf le pouce, le majeur gauche (et éventuellement le petit doigt droit).
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  • RE: Questions sur le module sonore interne

    Vous pourrez connecter la sortie casque minijack du Sylphyo sur des écouteurs, une chaîne hi-fi ou un ampli. Le son ne transitera pas par l'USB, qui sert uniquement pour la charge et les mises à jour.

    Pour ce qui est des sons internes, je ne peux pas vous donner un nombre, mais la palette de sons initiale est assez variée, et comme pour le Sylphyo nous sortirons régulièrement des mises à jour pour l'étendre considérablement et permettre des modifications. Cela se fera de façon graduelle.
    Notez que la banque de sons initiale n'a pas pour vocation de reproduire fidèlement les sons d'instruments à vent acoustique, mais ils sont conçus pour exploiter les possibilités d'expression et la finesse de contrôle du Sylphyo.

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  • RE: Sylphyo as tinwhistle

    Thanks for the details! We'll look at that once we're done with the current trade shows, and I'll keep you updated.

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  • RE: Aodyo au salon de la musique de Francfort en 2018 ?

    Nous serons Hall 8.0 stand K37.
    A très bientôt donc.

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  • RE: Budget sound module


    I will try to answer your questions concerning the Ketron SD2:

    1. That's right, connection is MIDI OUT from Sylphyo receiver to MIDI IN on Ketron.
    2. You can change sound by selecting a Program Change directely on the Sylphyo (quick settings menu).
    3. I don't think that is possible.
    4. For now that can not be done with the Sylphyo (you can only choose the first 128 sounds of the first bank) even though the other banks are quite a repetition of the first one.
    5. Ketron SD2 works with CC11 for breath. For other CCs, there are not so much possible modulations on the sounds, but you can remap the Sylphyo if you find some you like.
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  • RE: Sylphyo as tinwhistle

    In fact we're a bit busy preparing and doing trade shows (Synthfest in France, Musikmesse in Germany) at the moment :).

    Thanks for the kind words, @clothear!

    About half-holing: as far as I can remember you should be able to "half-hole"/key-bend first and then breath. The key-bend mechanism tries to discriminate between intentional action and just you placing your finger, and it can sometimes be wrong, which is why it's still a beta feature. Don't hesitate to try things and verify the behavior using our Sylphyo Bench app (where you can see bends and other controls) or a MIDI monitor app.
    In a future update, we'd like to address pitch-bend issues more thoroughly and improve the key-bend feature to make it closer to what you can do with some acoustic instruments.
    We're also looking at improving our fingering mechanism, so that in the future we can have more accurate fingerings inspired from traditional acoustic instruments (e.g., whistle, recorder, or xiao), allow new things like changing the timbre of the sound depending on the fingering you're using, and ultimately allow users to leverage these new features in their own custom fingering definitions.

    This kind of things is in the roadmap, but don't expect them soon because we're a bit busy for the moment with the synth extension :).
    However, please do tell us what kind of improvements you'd like, and discuss ideas here with us!

    Regarding your fingering issues with Whistle and Celtic, if you change the Sylphyo's base key to D3, you should be able to finger a D with six fingers down.
    For the remaining issues, maybe what you need is an improved Whistle with a couple more modifications to make it more like the real thing, while retaining some of the practicality you found in Celtic.
    Let's talk about it and once we're clear on how it works we can surely include the fingering in the next minor update (or the one after that).

    Basically, if we were to redo the Whistle fingering from scratch, we'd start with the fingerings of an actual whistle (for consistency it'll be in C, not D, but nothing prevents you from changing the base key after that). Here is the fingering chart I'd use — if you have a more complete one, don't hesitate to share it here.
    Then, we'd just add three things:

    • adding the left pinky always sharpens (+1 semitone),
    • adding the right pinky always flattens (-1 semitone),
    • and removing the thumb always goes to the upper octave.

    Would you like this? Would you add or change anything else?
    (As I don't have time to have a close look at our fingering definition files right now I'm not sure how much this differs in principle from the current version of Whistle.)

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