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  • RE: More Internal Sounds needed here!

    @reidid789 nice track.
    I am always surprised and happy to ear the various and creative kind of music made using the Sylphyo

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  • RE: More Internal Sounds needed here!

    As you probably all noticed we were and still are currently quite busy on another front (Anyma).

    I can confirm you that next update for the Sylphyo will be focussed on providing new sounds. I won't provide any release date before we think this would be ready.

    As already stated, the Sylphyo is probably the electronic wind instrument that got the most numerous FREE firmware upgrade (21 upgrades between 2016 and 2021).

    Other topics like new control features, software editor/backup tools or similar requires a complete firmware redesign which has already been started but with nothing we can release yet (even for beta testing). This one is a long term project with no timeline we can share for now. We already have a few ideas for further development, but nothing that could be achieved without getting beyond this milestone first.

    A few other things somehow disturb our initial plans in the past 2 years (something to do with a strange pandemic situation, main Sylphyo component unavailable due to its use for breathing apparatus and then electronic component shortage). But we manage to get through all these and could find solutions to produce more Sylphyo units thanks to our local partners.

    All this doesn't prevent any of you to keep on playing your Sylphyo. Please share the music you are making with it as @Peter-Ostry did recently and spread the word about the Sylphyo which would be the best support you could provide to us.

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  • RE: Meet Anyma Omega!

    @ForeverTangent said in Meet Anyma Omega!:


    I am thinking about backing the Anyma Omega on Kickstarter, but I am curious about the Additive Oscillator module.

    Can you tell me more about the general design of the Additive Oscillator. Specifically:

    • How many partials does one oscillator support?

    • Does it allow ADSR over each partial?

    • Can each partial be tuned in terms of ratio/frequency/phase?

    • Can a waveform (sample) be resynthesized by the oscillator?

    There are not many synths that have a really robust Additive Synthesis support, and I am trying to learn more about Aodyo's approach to the their take before I commit to supporting the project.



    Hello Stan

    This is definetly not the purpose of the Anyma Omega to become an additive synthesizer. The additive OSC are simple one with one partial with detune and bandwidth setting. Other like Organ Osc can mimic simple additive synthesis as do organs. The purpose of such OSc in the Anyma context is more to have various tone source to feed the resonators.

    No resynthesis on board.

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  • RE: Meet Anyma Omega!

    @pinbot3000 said in Meet Anyma Omega!:

    How much would it cost to buy in US dollars? This looks like an extremely powerful synthesizer. Does it have built in recording capability?

    Currently roughly 1USD = 1€.
    Exclusive discount for pre-order on Kickstarter now.

    There is no audio built-in recording capability and no sampling.

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  • Meet Anyma Omega!

    We are glad to announce the launch of Anyma Omega, the polyphonic physical modelling synthesizer.


    Main features:

    • Polyphonic physical modelling synthesizer
    • Two versions: keyboard and desktop
    • 16 notes of polyphony
    • Layer, split or chain up to 4 different sound parts
    • Unique sensitive wooden surfaces to feed resonators and enhance expression
    • Exclusive PolyMorph feature to give width, density and depth to the sound
    • The power of a semi-modular synthesizer at your fingertips!

    Discover on Kickstarter:

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  • RE: Dangling Strands of Caulking

    As @Peter-Ostry advise, I would advice you not to try anything @Clint.
    Openning a Sylphyo without breaking it is not that easy (especially regarding the power on/off switch). Regarding the battery, this is indeed a standard 18650 protected battery for easier maintenance.

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  • RE: How to send my Sylphyo in for Service

    Hello to all,

    I would like to take the opportunity to take part in this discussion, which is an important subject.

    I would like to thank everyone for their trust in Aodyo.

    @Paul-Flute, I am sorry that you had to pay for customs to release your package.
    We work with DHL for returns and have done so for a long time.
    When we send back material after repair, it is specified so that the recipient does not have to pay anything.
    Unfortunately, if the customs authorities still decide to charge a fee, and we are not notified, we cannot intervene.
    And even less can we decide for them.
    We have already had to pay customs ourselves, even though we are the manufacturer.

    As far as insurance is concerned, here again it is the carrier who sets the price. We advise you to opt for insurance because unfortunately there have already been cases of lost packages.

    For all our shipments of instruments that we have sold or that we are sending back after repair, we take out insurance.

    As for the repair time, it is important to know that as long as we do not have the instrument in our hands and in a position to identify a problem, if it is not systematic, it is difficult to decide on the solution to be applied.
    Hence the importance of the descriptions made.

    Finally, there is always a shortage of electronic components and we are the first victims because this generates delays in production and repair.
    However, we do our best to repair and return the product as quickly as possible.

    Thanks again to all of you for your trust.
    We remain available for you at if you have any other questions.

    Best regards.


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  • RE: Anyma Phi v1.1.0 update 🎉

    @simonbou I just checked the lookup table and there seem to be a bug somewhere compared to our internal beta ... I will try to find the problem and fix it

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  • We will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign!

    Youtube Video

    Sign up to preview our new instrument and be the first to check it out on Kickstarter:

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  • RE: Maybe I've lost some presets..sorry for the duplicate

    @Chris-0 we usually use the color as a way to "identify" the type of patch for the factory sound bank.
    Grey color is associated with patches who have Ext at the end of their name which means they are meant to be used with the external audio input ...

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