@jimhanks said in Patch Exchange Thread:

@andyhornblower simple but fun! particularly like the "clari" one

Thanks. Good video, and both good patches. The Raspish Tenor is great.

I'm having to blow quite hard on my Yamaha WX5 to get the buzzy flute to sound, which makes me wonder if your WARBL has a different response. The WX5 is adjustable, but it's fiddly to do, so I leave it alone now I've got it mostly comfortable.

My monitor is only 1360x768, so I watch YouTube videos in 720p. I gather yours is much higher resolution. I was still able to follow it though, and I guess most people have more pixels than me. FWIW, the editor works fine at that lowish resolution, though it starts with the window a bit too big. I have to make it full screen, by double clicking the title bar, to make it fit. There's more scrolling of boxes to do, but I can still get to all of the controls, which are all a fairly reasonable size.

Here's a couple more patches. One is another variation on Clari1, using the EQ filter with the peak, making something between an alto and a tenor... maybe, so I've called it CMel1, for C melody sax.

The other started as an experiment to see if I could get playable bugle series overtones with the EQ filter, which I can, but don't have any way to take away the original sound to leave just those, so I scaled my ambitions back a bit. In the lower octave, it sounds a bit like a bowed cello or double bass, crossed with throat singing, with overtones chosen by blowing harder or softer.