New Year, a new Internal card ?

  • hello everybody,
    whats about the new Extension Card, I am waiting now for half a year. And whats about the Features ? Is this Card able to load vst-plugins and run them. It would be a really good Feature if there is a possibilty to run the SWAM-plugins in this new piece of Hardware to get rid of any Laptop. Or is there another possibilty to get a SWAM-Player-Hardware with the Option to make Programmchanges combined with the possibility to change the Base keynote and channelinformation with a tip on a footbutton.
    To use the sylphyo in Live-Performances this is a must.
    Do anybody has experience with this things ?

  • We're still working hard on it. It takes us time because we're a very small team, and we want it to be well done. We don't have a release date yet.

    It won't be possible to run VSTi plug-ins such as the SWAM virtual instruments. The technology to do this isn't there yet, and if we did such a thing now in 2018 the battery would be empty really fast and it would be very expensive. When doing something like this will be a possibility we'll happily do it, but currently it's simply impossible to integrate your existing VSTi's inside the Sylphyo (or any other wind controller/instrument).

    The internal synth is much closer to synth hardware: not quite as powerful as a PC, but tailored to live performance, with near-zero latency (something that is difficult to obtain with a PC), and rich tailor-made mappings and presets.

    We'll provide plenty of sound examples and demonstrations when the internal synth is ready, so that you'll be able to decide whether you want to use it in live gigs, or you want to keep performing using a PC/Mac/iDevice/external synth (or both!).

    If you're looking for how to setup a perfect rig for live performance with your Sylphyo (e.g., what kind of hardware and software to choose, how to wire a MIDI footswitch), feel free to ask anything! There's already some info on this forum about this, like this post where we discuss budget options for sound modules (my method: get a cheap old MacBook Pro and use it as an awesome standalone sound module), or that one where we explore small Windows tablets as VSTi hosts for live performance.

  • @join
    very excited about it and i have many questions...
    if the expansion synth is going to be internal, we will have to use it with the sylphyo (audio) wired, wont we? Or are you going to make the audio output wireless also? Any chance to use this synth module externally, with sylphyos fantastic existing wireless midi capabilities?
    will there be any option to micro tuning scales?

  • Yes, the audio output of the Sylphyo will also be available on the wireless receiver, so that you can plug it directly to a sound system.

    Microtuning scales aren't on the to-do list for now, but we're very interested in supporting them, and we still have to look for the better options. Of course, the more the demand, the faster we'll try to work it out ;). In the meantime, you can explore microtuning options in existing VSTis when supported.

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