Budget sound module

  • Hi,
    What is your recommendation for a sound module (hardware) that plays well with Sylphyo (cost level 300-600 EUR)?

  • @gwedde
    A used Roland XV 5050 and of course if you find a Yamaha VL70M

  • I second the idea of a used VL-70m!

    My own solution: I bought a used MacBook Pro 2009 for a bit less than 300 EUR and loaded it with MainStage (30 EUR). It's not really "hardware" per se, but I use it solely as a dedicated, battery-included, instant-on "sound module", and it does the job pretty well for me.

  • Today we have been testing the Ketron SD2 sound module (less than 300€) and it is quite convincing with the Sylphyo.

  • @gwedde

    I also use a Roland (xv2020) with the patch an patches. There’s always some on fleabay for around £120 and then just get the patches from patch man . If you can though I’d go for the Roland xv5050.

  • I play on the desktop with Studio one and Kontakt player (with samplemodelling Sax and trumpet) and with the saxs from swam. Everything allright. But to get mobile I tried it with my Acer windows Tablet (so I can put it in my tablet holder fixed on my music stand, a laptop wouldn´t work) but it ist to weak 32 GB are not enough because of all the stuff that is inside. Although I think the processor is to weak, because the signal from the aodyo midi beam only blink for some seconds and than its out. Strong enough Windows tablets are over 1000...-€. Maybee I look for an IPad 2017 with 128 Gb. But I´m not sure the Midi beam will work or the Instruments from samplemodelling. Studio one will not work but I think I can use garageband. Anyone an Idea if this will work? Greetings Friedus
    PS: Sounds Moduls I will not prefer because I bought the samplemoddelings and wil luse them (because they are good!

  • @doul said in Budget sound module:

    Ketron SD2
    Hi, I decided to bay a Ketron SD2 looking on the posts in the Forum, but how exactly works?

    1. Connecting using which cable , MIDI out from Sylphyo Receiver to MIDI IN on Ketron?
    2. How do I change the sound on the Ketron, directly on the Sylphyo?
    3. Do I need to somehow preprogram the channels on the Ketron on the PC first to have the first 16 I want for the Sylphyo first?
    4. Do I change the Bank on Ketron using the Programm on the Sylphyo
      Thanks and best Regards!
      Myuselim from Germany

  • @doul Are the Sylphyo movements up and down, compass ans so on also working with the Ketron?
    Do I need to change the CC11 or do any setting to begin with the Ketron, sorry I am a beginner.

  • Hi,

    I will try to answer your questions concerning the Ketron SD2:

    1. That's right, connection is MIDI OUT from Sylphyo receiver to MIDI IN on Ketron.
    2. You can change sound by selecting a Program Change directely on the Sylphyo (quick settings menu).
    3. I don't think that is possible.
    4. For now that can not be done with the Sylphyo (you can only choose the first 128 sounds of the first bank) even though the other banks are quite a repetition of the first one.
    5. Ketron SD2 works with CC11 for breath. For other CCs, there are not so much possible modulations on the sounds, but you can remap the Sylphyo if you find some you like.

  • Thanks for your answers they helped a lot, | have the Ketron SD2 module now and it works perfect, plug and play.

  • Hello zikorj, fine that your system works. Maybe you can make an vid to show how the sounds are and how the sylphyo works with the dynymics and so. That would be great. Greetings Friedus

  • @friedus Check my page, no video but many examples of Ketron SD2 and SD1000 with Sylphyo and EWI Akai.

  • Hello as I said in another post I really like your links, and i have heard most of them. Meanwhile i own the sd 2 and i am rather satisfied (but the samplemodellings are better in dynamics, means I can better control teh volume with my breathe. Thanks Friedus

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