Think of getting a Sylpho as a flautist

  • My son is considering a Sylpho but we're just trying to understand how easy the transition is from what is essentially a horizontal instrument to a vertical one and one where the mechanism of blowing is a different and more akin to a sax/clarinet/oboe etc.
    Would appreciate some feedback from users who have the flute as their primary instrument.

  • I am not a flute player (or just a bad recorder one) but as I meet many musicians who start using the Sylphyo, I could make some answers:

    • The horizontal / vertical position switch doesn't seem to be a problem.
    • Setting the flute fingering on the Sylphyo allows flute players to use their usual fingering technique.
    • Concerning the mechanism of blowing, Sylphyo's mouthpiece is quick to master and allows good breath dynamics:

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