pitch and elavation with vl70m

  • Has anybody had any experiance setting pitch and elavation to work with a vl70mm, I cant find a list of vl70m reverb etc mappings

    or map elevation to growl?

    roll to pitch

  • You can use elevation and roll with the VL70m to control various parameter in the VL70. There is no default MIDI CC implementation chart in the VL70m. Actually you can choose the MIDI CC message that can change the sound by modifying various parameter of the VL70m synth engine (a single CC message can even change different parameter with some settings about the amount of change it produce on each parameter) as described on "Control Edit Parameter Descriptions" starting on page 52 of the VL70m user manual.

    Basically, you have first the Pitch Bend setting (pitch bend up and down range and amount of LFO pitch modulation applied by the pitch controller), then the Modwheel settings where you can assign both the LFO Pitch modulation and LFO filter modulation. Aftertouch can change Aftertouch Filter Control and amount of LFO pitch modulation applied by the Aftertouch message. This is what is possible with the default messages.

    Then you can assign any CC and range to change various parameters:

    • Assignable controller 1 that can provide simultaneous Filter Control, Amplitude Control and LFO pitch modulation
    • Filter, Pressure, Amplitude, Embouchure, Tonguing, Scream, Breath Noise, Growl, Throat Formant, Harmonic Enhancer, Damping, Absorption each with their own CC, depth and curve.

    Quite some room for extra sound control.

  • Thanks I saw that but I am not sure which cc to programme the elavation and roll, for which parameter, looked online but can't find anything specific..

    Is it global or patch specific

    Thanks again

  • managed to work with this
    basically for each patch on the vl70m go to control-edit, then select the paramater, then grw cc no set to 75 or 76 then the next is value set to 127..then store in the user patch section

    experimenting with which is best, will call back

  • Feel free to provide us some video link to what you achieve ...

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