Charging Indicator

  • I've been mildly irked that the Sylphyo did not have a charging indicator - a light to indicate when it is plugged in and charging. Then I realized that, when turned on, it displays a little charging status icon in the upper right of the display (the battery icon), which changed to something looking like a lightning bolt when plugged in.

  • @Clint Good catch Clint ! Yes it does indeed have a little charging indicator when turned on and charging.

  • Thanks Maxence ...
    The "mildly irked" comment came from the situation: "I'm playing tonight ... I need to be fully charged ... but is it charging??"

  • Bonsoir,
    C'est une demande récurrente de bien des utilisateurs dont je fais partie.
    Avoir un petit logo de pile (comme pour les montres) qui se charge glignotant et qui se fige quand la charge est terminée serait parfait !
    Il faut que Aodyo nous dise franchement si c'est possible ou pas pour eux. Merci d'avance.

    Good evening,
    This is a recurring request from many users of which I am a part.
    Having a little battery logo (like with monsters) that charges, flickering and freezes when charging is complete would be perfect!
    Aodyo needs to tell us frankly if it's possible or not for them. Thank you in advance.

  • One option that I like is to use an inexpensive (and very useful) USB Power Meter.

    It indicates how much current is flowing and at what voltage (should be around 5 volts). Here is the power meter hooked up to the Sylphyo:


    ... the Sylphyo USB charger is on the left, followed by the Power Meter, then the cable that connects to the Sylphyo. The Sylphyo is powered on, and is drawing 170 mA @ 5.08 V.

    Here is a close-up of the Power Meter:


    When the Sylphyo is fully charged, the current will drop to about 40 mA.

    I ordered this from Amazon:

  • Bonsoir,
    Est il possible que quelqu'un d'Aodyo réponde à ma question ?
    Merci d'avance.

    Good evening,
    Could someone from Aodyo answer my question?
    Thank you in advance.

  • @reidid789 Pour le moment nous n'avons pas prévu d'avoir un indicateur de charge autre que celui qui est présent en allumant l'instrument en le chargeant.

    For the moment we have not planned to offer a charging indicator other than the one present when turning on the instrument while charging it.

  • Maxence, merci pour cette réponse.
    Maxence, thank you for this answer.

  • @reidid789

    It is a bit little but , my battery shows empty , full, or charging. When charging is shown and one dicconnects the cable, it shows the status.

    Si i wonder

    Kind regards


  • You're right, frank, and that doesn't really stop me from playing Sylphyo. But ... Sylphyo must be ON, you unplug, you see that the little battery logo is not full and you plug again; Well; my "dream" would be for Syphyo to be OFF and at the end of the charge a full battery logo appears. I guess the problem is that when the button is OFF nothing can be displayed, too bad.

  • 987Didier

    Mauybe it helps to realise that if it has such an indicateur, it is discharging, and we do not want that..

    Happy playing@!


  • Hello Clint,

    I solved the problem like this!

    Bildschirmfoto von Firefox (19-02-21, 12-37-35).png

    Many greetings Christian

  • @csp Thank you, that sounds very interesting!
    Can you tell me what the red charger QC3.0 corresponds to: the indicator indicates 9V and it is normally 5V? and is it on this connector that you plug your Sylphyo, or on one of the 4 2.4A connectors?

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