Mouthpieces: replacements, or some kind of cover?

  • Hi,

    I'm considering whether a Sylphyo would be a good addition to a shared music room – we already have some equipment and instruments there that are quite nice, and that people might not have at home.

    But for a wind instrument or controller, there is a hygiene issue if it is going to be shared between multiple people, since many people's mouths would be touching the mouthpiece. Having easily interchangeable mouthpieces would be one possible approach.

    But with more intelligence / sensing making its way into mouthpieces in the future, perhaps another approach could be if there were inexpensive, replaceable, possibly even disposable covers for the mouthpiece.

    Is that something that might be possible? Are there otherwise perhaps 3d models of the mouthpiece so that someone could make their own?

    Best wishes,

    // Christian

  • You can already order additional mouthpieces at our retailers (e.g., at Thomann), but you're right that there should be another approach when our active mouthpiece is available, else it'll be way too expensive :).

    It's too soon to give you details on our solution to this problem for the active mouthpiece, but the idea of 3D printing a cover at home is interesting.

    In fact 3D printing an entire (passive) mouthpiece is also quite interesting because you can experiment with different shapes, but I guess it's a bit more complicated, as the design must prevent leakage inside the instrument (you can see ours has a gasket). I'm really not an expert on this, but @doul might be able to correct me and offer you more insight on these issues.

  • Hi,

    3D printing is interesting for prototyping. In standard use the surface finish is often harsh, unconfortable for lips and risky for waterproofness. It could be treated with acetone but it is a complicated technique.
    Sylphyo's mouthpiece are easily washable in a dishwasher or with soap and water. And it is too soon to imagine how it would be for the sensitive mouthpiece.

    Modifying mouthpiece shape is a good idea. This could be complementary to our work on plugs for variable exhaust.


  • You can take a cheap plastic alto sax mpc. , route 2 grooves in it for O rings, and use on Sylphyo, with a hard reed that will not well..can post pics if needed

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