Can I adjust the volume in the Sylphyo, in an easy and fast way?

  • Sometimes, while playing, I need to adjust the volume. But I find uncomfortable to do it going to the computer. Is there any way to do it in the Sylphyo, in an quick an easy way? (In an electric guitar or in a keyboard we have a bottom for this). Perhaps a quick setting in the screen...

  • As you may know, while in the quick settings menu, you can change either the base key, the program change or the MIDI channel, by pressing each one of the octave keys.
    You can also select breath CC and volume CC (CC7) with one tap on the slider and change it.
    This will not adjust the master volume of your computer, but you can map it to the track volume in your DAW.

  • @doul Thank you very much for your quick answer.

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