Link as an Interface

  • When I first set up the Link, I was scratching my head a bit looking for the ASIO driver. Did not realize the USB connection was MIDI-only (it is MIDI-only, yes?)

    Are there any plans to promote the Link to an audio interface? I am currently running the Line Out to an RME Interface on it's own USB port.

    If it is not possible to run the Link on its own ASIO connection, I could re-wire the MIDI out of the Link into the the RME Interface and save a USB connection. My laptop only has three USB connections, and I'm guessing that using a USB hub would be a no-go for audio work.

  • @Clint There are no plans as of now to make the Link into an audio interface. If we start doing this we will let you know!

    You could definitely use the midi inputs of your RME interface to plug in the Link.

    For a USB hub, we have had mixed results. They don't work for updating either the Link or the Sylphyo, but some of them (especially the powered ones) work well for Midi.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    Aodyo Instruments

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