Sylphio and GeoShred app

  • I still haven't tried yet with the sylphio, but I did get all the sounds - 6 - for a cheap bundle price. I don't quite understand the rather complex settings stuff in some comments above - GeoShred has a setting specially for Sylphio input...

  • My GeoShred does not have a Sylphyo input. Maybe you are mixing it up with the SWAM MIDI setting?
    Sylphyo is a pure MIDI controller. The GeoSWAM input requires a MPE controller. MPE is a complex superset of MIDI.

    If you are interested, the difference (greatly simplified) is as follows: In pure MIDI note and control data are sent on the same channel. In MPE most control commands are sent on channel 1, whereas note data and some control commands (such as Aftertouch) are sent on channels 2 to 16.

    Hence, in order to play GeoSWAM using the Sylphyo you will, at a minimum, need to use the settings that I described earlier: "Sylphyo breath control to Aftertouch, Sylphyo MIDI channel to 2, Sylphyo base note at C4 and the GeoShred MIDI to SWAM."

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