Recorder fingerings issues

  • Meanwhile I bought a Sylphyo and I love it. I'm looking forward to buy the sound extension card and the active mouthpiece, when you're finished...

    What I noticed, confusing me, is the fingering of "Recorder"... When you play a recorder, it is generally like: close a hole with the finger and the note/ tone becomes a hole, the note becomes higher. In general- the more holes- beginning from the side of the mouthpiece​ of a flute - are closed, the lower a note becomes...
    The sylpho performs it the other way round, when it comes to the half tone button at the side. When you push/ touch (like close...) the half tone button at the side, the Sylphyo performs a half tone higher, not lower. That is quite confusing to me while playing. I have played recorder for many years, and I thinking I could play the Sylphyo way more fluidly, if the side-button (half tone button) would set the tone half a note lower.
    Is there a possibility for me to change the "program" of this button in this way (half tone lower)?
    Or do you have a special reason,why you have chosen this function (half tone higher)?

    Thanks so much for a reply and greetings from Germany! (And I have fun with the Sylphyo anyway...!! It performs great connected with my Roland JD Xi. I love it!)


  • Having the left key perform a half tone lower instead of higher could be interesting… If such a key still allows to access any note in the chromatic scale, we'll consider a "Half-tone Lower" option, or at least an alternative Recorder fingering.

  • Thank you so much for your reply! I would love it, if you consider this option- half tone lower. I spoke with some friends about my issued, who play flute and recorder, some play in a woodwind ensemble. They had the same thoughts about it. So I think, a recorder fingering with "half tone lower" could be definetely interesting for other recorder players as well, to play kind of more fluidly.
    Thanks so much for considering the possibility.
    Greetings, Mosquito :smile:

  • I do agree with mosquito. I play the recorder for decades and this half tone upper issue is the only difficulty I find with the Sylphyo.
    By the way, I bought my Sylphyo three months ago (sorry not to have introduced me sooner) and I find it fantastic. I play the Akai EWI USB for five years now and I find the Sylphyo much more fun and practical, for the fingerings, the octave "keys", the settings always under your finger and for the wireless of course. And the battery never lets you down.
    I read simultaneously the thread "Migrating from Akai EWI EVI fingering", and as I play also brass instruments, I will try the EVI fingering, a thing I always found a bit tricky on the EWI.
    Many thanks for this great job. Greetings,
    Hubik (Grenoble)

  • Actually I did not find the time to update my Sylphyo, but I'm so looking forward to do it soon, when I got vacation. I read in the release notes, that you installed a possibility to change the left Pinky function to "flat" instead of "Sharp". Thanks so much!! I'm so excited to try it out!
    greetings, mosquito :-)

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