What is the Slyphyo's headphone jack?

  • I haven't been able to find anything in the Slyphyo's technical information about what the headphone jack actually is - specifically is it stereo? Does the synth output stereo data or can I just take one channel of it and feed it to a mono input?

    I'm wanting to use the Slyphyo without a Link initially, so I would like to have a better idea of the nature of the sound output. If I get really serious I will of course get a Link and take advantage of its line output.

  • (disclaimer: I'm just a user so I could be wrong about this)

    The headphone jack on the Sylphyo is stereo in that both channels do carry audio, but as far as I know, the channels are identical. That is, you'll hear audio in both ears of stereo headphones but it'll be identical. I don't think any of the modulation effects change the spatial relationship (such as by panning the audio), and if that's true, the channels will always provide the same audio and for your mono synth, you could ignore one of them. You may want to experiment with https://www.aodyo.com/user-manual-page-en-21.html#section-playing-the-sylphyo.inertial-angles using your preferred sounds to verify that.

    The Link headphone jack is definitely stereo: https://www.aodyo.com/user-manual-page-en-21.html#section-rear-panel. The Link supports mixing other stereo audio (like music you're playing along with) into your output, and if that audio had different audio on each channel, it seems like the Link headphone output could also contain different audio on the left and right channels. That part is entirely speculation, though - I don't own a Link.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks that's great! It seems to work fine using a 3.5mm stereo - 2x 6.5mm mono cable with just one of the mono end plugged in. On a Link I'd be using the line out so wouldn't have these concerns - I suspect I will get a Link at some point, but only if the opportunity for live performance arises I think. Or I start wanting those MIDI ports...

  • @mathw Sorry for the late reply I can confirm the headphone jack on both the Sylphyo and the Link are stereo! Let me know if you have more questions.

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