Characteristics of Sylphyo as stand alone instrument (Internal sound card)

  • I would like to know when will be ready the card sound for the sylphyo, in order to be able to play as a stand alone instrument.
    Also, I wonder how it will be. Will it be inside the flute, or inside the wifi device?
    Will I need to use the computer, or it will not be necesary? I mean, where will be connected the wifi device to? (for power supply an for sound output). Of course, I would love to get free of the computer. It will be much more confortable in many situations.
    The advantage of setting the card inside the wifi device is that, this way, you will not add weight to the flute. And besides, we will not have to send the sylphyo to your technical service. Indeed, perhaps it will be cheaper and esier to buy a new wifi device with the new card inside, than sending our device in order you tu install the new card.

  • We're hard working on it, but there's no official launch date yet. We'll let you know!

    The synth card will be included in both devices, and you'll be able to use them transparently (your Sylphyo will control both at the same time). If you use the internal sounds, you won't need your computer to play the Sylphyo.
    In a minimal setting, you can just plug your headphones to your Sylphyo and play. Or you can connect the receiver device to a power supply (via USB) and to an amp, a speaker, or a hifi system (via jack), and play wirelessly.

    We want to make the upgrade as simple as possible for existing users. I think you'll be able to just buy the new synth-powered receiver and use it with your Sylphyo right away, then later send us (or an authorized service provider) your Sylphyo for an upgrade when you want.

  • @join It sounds great! Thank you for your answer. And I hope you offer an special price for the upgrade!:smile:

  • Sure. We will have a special offer for all our registered users

  • @Laurent_AODYO Great! Thank you very much!!

  • Thanks Flautista.
    I'm sill waiting too ! I'm a sax player and would like to have fun with the "added" sylphyo without using the computer...

  • I would like to know if there are good news. I am looking forward to using the new internal sound card, synth. And I think Sylphyo will become à popular instrument when it will be able to be played as à stand alone instrument. I really love Sylphyo, but I hate to always depend on the computer. Thanks.

  • We already have a working prototype, but there is still work to do on sound design and production. We don't want to announce a launch date too early but our users will be the first ones to know!

  • I see the receiver device will be powered by usb. I wonder if, besides, it would be a good idea if it is powered also by standar alkaline batteries (or rechargeable ) like the guitar pedals. It would be usefull in some circumstances. And perhaps it would avoid some interference. What do you think? Thank you.

  • Yes, like the current one, the receiver device will be powered by USB. We found this is the best solution because you can always plug it to any battery-powered USB charger (like the ones used for cellphones) and benefit from the sound output.

  • Ok. I agree. A battery-powered USB charger is a good solution. Than you for your quick answer.

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