New acoustic instruments (v1.4.5 and v1.4.6)

  • Thank you for the latest updates, with the Alto Sax Phi and Flute Phi. I just managed the upgrade, and I will need some time to master them, but I really appreciate the sounds, for what I could hear so far.

    If you are looking for suggestions, I would be looking forward to a Clarinet Phi and an Oboe Phi (classical music instruments) as well as a Bombarde Phi and a Binioù Kozh Phi (britonnic music instruments) ‑ actually, the Sylphyo looks somewhat like an electronic bombard, so it would really make sense, don't you think ?

    Anyway, thank you for the regular updates !

  • @joalbankluane Thank you for the suggestions! We will take these into account.


    Aodyo Instruments

  • Adding to the list:
    Trumpet/trombone phi
    Brass section phi
    electric guitar phi

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