Sustain pedal and Sylphyo

  • Ok here's another one - instead of learning circular breathing, I'm considering using a sustain pedal with my sylphyo, but with the default mapping, breath controls volume, so no breath equals no sound, regardless of sustain pedal.
    Any tips for making this work?

  • It'll depend on the synth you use and the mappings you can make. In many monophonic synths, breath control is often mapped to oscillator amplitude and/or filter frequency, so it's unlikely that a sustain pedal will have any effect… Maybe a polyphonic synth can be useful for this, if different voices are allocated to each note, but I don't really know. It could be fun to investigate the issue with a Max/Puredata patch or a nice synth platform like Falcon.

    This isn't a Sylphyo-specific issue by the way, so have you tried looking for how EWI/WX players use a sustain pedal?

  • Did some research on the EWI series: it seems that the new EWIs have a built-in dedicated "hold" button, which sounds a lot like a sustain - it can even be programmed to different functions. Default it holds just one note, like a drone, and allows you to play on, on top of the drone - which sounds more like a Sustenuto-functionaliy...
    I'll see if I can experiment into a working setup.
    As an aside I have access to lots of different synths, Omnisphere, Massive, Kontakt, Engine2 (Best Service), Play (EastWest), i will have to get experimenting....

  • Yes it does exist on EWI 4000
    An other trick for sustain is to use an audio looper pedal ...not exactly what you are looking for but works pretty well

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