Can't turn off reverb makes Sylphyo useless to me

  • I saw a post from Feb. 14 reporting not being able to turn off reverb and a reply from Maxence 21 days later on March 25 that said reverb control is not operational in version 1.4 and it will be implemented in the next update. Not being able to turn off reverb makes the Sylphyo useless to me. Seems like the default should be no reverb, not 100% reverb. When will the update that provides the capability to turn off reverb be implemented? And a reply 3 weeks later needs to be improved. Disappointed in the Sylphyo. I should have waited maybe another 6 months before buying one.

  • I can relate to that. Having the reverb blocked at 80% prevents us from controlling the sound with our own effects (including different reverbs) later in the sound chain.

    I still love the Sylphyo, despite the issues I had, it's a very good instrument, and one that will only get better as the feature set gets towards completion.

    I hope the reverb regression will be addressed soon as part of a (the?) next upgrade.

  • Hey @MusicOne ! Thanks for posting on here to keep the community informed.

    For everyone else's information, I've had this conversation over email with the OP and have spoken to our developer about it, who confirmed to me that the reverb control functionality will be updated in the next several weeks with one of our upcoming releases.

    I hope this helps!

    Aodyo Instruments

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