No indicator light when charging?

  • I'm asking these questions here in addition to emailing Aodyo so that other people may benefit from the answers.

    I just received my Sylphyo and per the instructions plugged it in to charge the battery for 8 hours before first use.

    There is no light to indicate it is charging. How will I know when it is fully charged? If there really is no light to indicate it's charging, please add one if possible in a firmware update.

    All devices I know of that have a rechargeable battery have an indicator light to show it's charging and when it's fully charged either the light goes off or it changes color, for example, red while charging and green when fully charged.

    Will it hurt the battery to charge it for more than 8 hours? I plugged it in at 7 p.m. Eight hours from now will be 3 a.m. Do I have to set the alarm to wake up at 3 a.m. to unplug it?

  • I didn't get a reply, so I charged it for 4 hours, unplugged it and went to sleep, and charged it for 4 more hours the following day.

    I still want to know whether it will hurt the battery to charge it for more than 8 hours.

  • Hey! Sorry to get back to you so late, seeing as I believe we covered these topics in our email conversation.

    The 8 hours charging time before first use it simply to ensure the battery is fully charged and to calibrate it properly.

    Charging more than 8 hours will not hurt the battery as the charging turns off automatically when the battery is full. In other words, no need to set your alarm!

    I hope this helps.

    Aodyo Instruments

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