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  • Dear Aodyo experts,
    I continuously have the problem of not getting a Sound out of the Instrument. One day it works fine with SWAM Instruments. Next day I turn it on and - nothing, no sound. The SWAM Instrument does not receive an expression signal. MIDI channels are set the same, of course. The Link LED reacts to the Sylphyo though. I opened the Sylphyo Bench and also via that i cannot get a Sound out, neither via Sylphyo Link nor by direct connection, Tried Refresh etc. - nothing. Everything is connected of course and power on. ASIO4all is working.
    Programs are up to date.
    Do you have an idea?
    Best regards

  • It works via an amplifier but not on the compute but I have no clue why not...

  • Many times i see that the USB does not connect properly: a computer problem. Unplugging the USB and pluggin reconnects. My midi (din) connection to another device is always there.

    I use two computers : windows 10 and Mac. Windows disconnects slightly more than Apple. And it is just not the Syllink, other usb midi devices show the same behaviour. Other devices like keyboard, HDU i never notice this.

    Sorry i cannot offer a solution except use DIN Midi



  • Hey sorry to hear you are having this problem. Can you send us an email to and we can have a look? We try to keep issues separated from discussion threads.

    Aodyo Instruments

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