Tips for fast, clean octave+note changes?

  • Anyone have a preferred approach to changing both a note/fingering and an octave at the same time, and getting a clean sound?

    I can do it cleanly when playing somewhat staccato, but when playing legato and playing a very quick passage, I hear a short unintentional transition sound. It's much less if I slide my thumb between the octave buttons instead of lifting the thumb up and moving it. If you've found other things that help (or have a video of your fingering), please share them :)



  • @troy Adding just a little bit of portamento helps a lot for me. Of course if you add too much portamento, if you play a quick sequence it can become really "muddy".

  • Except for the lowest and highest octave i never lift my thumb, always slide.
    I have a history with windcontrollers, Yamaha and Akai Ewi , and sliding is always the good option. Ewi has rollers, making it a easier than the Yamaha. Sylphyo is best, except for the screw , but one gets quickly used to that.

    Many times i have portamento on: not to cover glitches, but rather to get a nice pitch bend up to the actual note. Making up a bit for the missing mouth controlled pitch bend. The length of the slur depends on the previous note. One can create a longer slur by quickly tapping a (much) lower octave. It is a pity not all internal sounds have portamento enabled.
    I did not check yet if one can switch portamento on via midi input: would be lovely.

    Sure needs practise to learn how to slide fast , but thet is part of the game



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